Foodie Friday | Dining Al Fresco

Mediterranean Style Barrel Fish with Lemony Mushroom Couscous

How is it already Friday? This week seemed to breeze on by – do you agree? We’ve had a mostly nice week of weather here and finally had time to put together our outdoor dining table. Cooking and eating dinner outside during the evenings were the highlight of my days this week. The cafe patio lights, our dood, and some jazz music made for a nice ambiance. I also love the look of our Kaloh dinner plates on the table. These dishes are great for those of you who like to take nice photos of your home cooked meals. When I looked them up to link to this post, I saw that they’re 25% off with free shipping with orders of $79+.

Greg recently caught lots of grouper and barrel fish, so we grilled out a couple of fish recipes during the week. Monday night I threw together a meal on a whim by coating a grouper filet with red curry paste and grilling it in a grill tray gifted to us by our friend Julia – it turned out great! I also made a vegetable chickpea salad to accompany the curried fish, but have neither pictures nor recipes for either. On Tuesday, I put this Mediterranean-Style Baked Grouper with Tomatoes and Olives recipe to work with a slab of barrel fish on the grill. I paired it with this Lemon Israeli Couscous recipe, to which I added mushrooms – because why not? Wednesday night I cooked Creole Fried Chicken from my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. I was craving milk gravy *almost* as much as the fried chicken itself. It was also pretty thrilling to finally use my gravy boat (on sale at Macy’s!) gifted to us for our wedding – oh, how almost-thirty looks!

Do you enjoy dining outdoors when the weather permits? What’s your set up? My wheels have been spinning with ideas to make our patio even more enjoyable for meal times! What else is there to do in quarantine?

Thanks for reading!


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